Encourage yourself in the Lord, and always depend on Him because our help cometh from Him alone and His promises are ever sure. God bless you!

Where your soul retires forever is still far greater than all your temporal ambitious achievements in this limited life.
The world is like a dream that passes away. The earth and it’s joy grow dimmer with silent approach. It’s fading glory tells on ageing of humanity and moments are passing on.

You have a Maker.
He is LORD of all. You should know this, He is your beginning and your ending. he created the first Adam in His own image.
You were inside Adam. When he was inside God’s breath you were together inside God’s image as a woman is conceived of a child.
He is your God.

The modern technological developments, posing threats in several fronts: and the increase of deaths by wars and loudness of crimes in general, and the increased agonies of wildfire, hurricanes,cyclones, typhoon, earthquakes and compounded natural disasters seem to suggest the biblical predicted signs of the end of the world as the Lord saidĀ (Matt. 24:4-31 and Daniel 12:4).

"For everything we do on earth we would give account of it at the judgement seat of Christ. So I encourage you to depart from sin and live a holy life."