You have a God

Where your soul retires forever is still far greater than all your temporal ambitious achievements in this limited life. The world is like a dream that passes away. The earth and it’s joy grow dimmer with silent approach. It’s fading glory tells on ageing of humanity and moments are passing on.

 The youthful class of puberty stimulates and intoxicates, greater moments of your life have paid deaf ears to the voice of your God. The hassles and hazards of ambition for earthly clamours had perhaps affected your eternal ears from hearing the eternal voice of God. This is not the best. The Lord knows your needs. He will give them to you; after all that your want may not become your very need. The Lord knows the best of your needs. 


You have a Maker. He is LORD of all. You should know this, He is your beginning and your ending. he created the first Adam in His own image. You were inside Adam. When he was inside God’s breath you were together inside God’s image as a woman is conceived of a child. He is your God. That’s the way you came. You mean you don’t know these yet? God’s image is your original village, city and country. Do you think you have not filled up the space of God in your mind with things you want you want most for yourself?. It could be business, marital affairs yet inconsistent; education, rock ‘n’ roll in pubs, sport, private life, cinema-show, stealing, robbing, airmanship, or any fast deals that gives money fast. What about God’s eternal judgment?.

It is due time for you to return from your own ways through Jesus Christ; which is the very way of God (John 14:6). He is your saviour: not as if you have not heard or known this. If you have neither heard nor known that it is only through Jesus Christ you shall come to God. It is still a right time, hearing this before it is too late. Whatever be the case, come home. he stands-by to welcome you. We have wandered afar enough. the hope may be lost if you delay too much. What is going on? You can return to Jesus today. Do not delay any longer to answer your Saviour’s call. There is danger while we delay; it is time.

Christ is non-prejudicial, non-racial,non-colour bound. He is the Lord of all. He loves and will deliver anyone from the bondage of this life. Prove Jesus for your freedom, salvation and miraculous turn-around. Make hay while the sun shines. Amen.

Your spiritual welfare is the Lord’s concern

God is our refuge

Even from the fall of Adam’s glory following the sin of disobedience, the LORD God had since begun to call the entire race to His refuge.
“CALL to Refuge” is the predicted word of knowledge for churches from the year 2001.

The modern technological developments, posing threats in several fronts: and the increase of deaths by wars and loudness of crimes in general, and the increased agonies of wildfire, hurricanes,cyclones, typhoon, earthquakes and compounded natural disasters seem to suggest the biblical predicted signs of the end of the world as the Lord said (Matt. 24:4-31 and Daniel 12:4). Beware, we have not come to tell anyone that the world shall end up in such and such day. No, God who said the world has an end, knows when…
We are rather telling you that the Lord has come for our rescue and to offer us a refuge in Himself. The first three scriptures above from Psalm 46, simplify God’s unfailing now and eternal provision for mankind in general.